Champagne Sports and the close shave.

And so The Longest Drive begins…

I arrived in the Drakensberg stayed at Amphitheatre backpackers. Being on a budget I am staying in backpackers and dorms are the cheapest accommodation one can find in such establishments. So I arrive and I am staying in a dorm room with 3 other Brazilian guys and the one guy asks me before bed:

Ronaldinho :”Do you snore”

Me: “No” – I do, badly.

Ronaldinho:”Ok because I can sleep through anything, except snoring”

Me:”If I do, it won’t be that bad” – it will definitely be that bad.

It’s hard to tell but I think I woke up to someone kicking my bunk from underneath. I also received a pretty frosty reception in the morning so I definitely snored and it was definitely that bad. But hey, backpacker living I guess.

So onto the golf…

The Longest Drive kicked off at Champagne Sports resort today and my oh my, what a treat. From the start I knew I was in for a awesome day. The drive towards Champagne, which meanders through the foothills of the Drakensberg, slowly entices you in, and once the ‘berg has you it doesn’t let go. I don’t want to leave, with this as the view, who would?

The Drakensberg is in itself is one of the most naturally beautiful places one could hope to see,and couple that with a great little golf course and you have one happy man right here. The course is in absolutely stupendous condition (Besides the greens being incredibly slow, Could be the rain though?)with the backdrop of the mountains all around, it truly makes for a memorable day out.

The Golf 

I have decided to add this in every round, let’s track how well or how badly the golf goes as the trip goes on.

What I shot :92

Balls Lost:1

Eagles :0



Annnnnndddddd we’ll just stop there shall we?

As far as the actual golf goes, today wasn’t my finest hour. I duffed some chips, fluffed some putts and nearly sent a drive through the nasal passage of a course worker mowing the grass – the close shave. That 40 seconds goes something like this:

Me Thinking, “I’ll never hit him he is wayyyyyyyy too far right and surely I’ll hit the ball over him”

*I stand over the ball*

“He’s wayyyyyy too far right”, I think to myself again.

*I hit the ball*

I then watched as the whites of the man’s eyes became visible from 200M away. I also watched as the man bailed out of his mower to avoid a very badly hit golf ball.

In fairness it went a safe 35-40 cm above the guy’s head so he would have been fine. Yes, I double bogeyed the hole. After two nice pars it left me quite bitter. However, Looking out on to the next tee to see this view made it all better 🙂

The only dampener (Excuse the pun) on the day was all the rain which started as I arrived but hey, one can’t control the weather. So what else is there to do besides make the most of it?

The 19th hole is one of the nicer ones I have had the pleasure to visit, the views that overlook the whole course are awesome and it has a old school feel about it that makes me feel like Gary Player, just a much poorer man’s version.

So day 1 done. Champagne Sports is an exquisite golf course and will be an absolute winner for anyone wanting to visit, I already want to come back.

Next I’m off to Pietermaritzburg to play Victoria Country club, I’ve heard great things so it should be a cracker.

Adios Amigos

See you on the Course!



4 thoughts on “Champagne Sports and the close shave.

  1. Haha. Welcome to South Africa, poor-man’s Ronaldinho.

    You’re doing it wrong though; it’s Brazillian women that you’re supposed to be keeping up at night. You’ll get there.

    Great post Steve. Looking forward to following the rest of the journey.

  2. Good start on the pen to paper (or thumb to keypad/board). Don’t forget to mention cost and condition of the beer along the way

  3. Please add the green fees as a standard item for all courses along with birdies and pars

  4. Please add the green fees as a standard item for all courses along with birdies and pars

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