Ebotse Links

Ebotse Links

Par: 72

SAGA Strokerate:71

Championship: 6879M

Men: 6372M

Ladies: 5447M

Golf Digest Ranking :32

Fun Fact: Ebotse means “Beautiful place” which this course certainly is. There are some great views of the course on a few of the holes and it certainly makes for a memorable round of golf.

Ebotse is an absolute gem of a course located in my neck of the woods in Benoni on the East Rand of Johannesburg. It is a links style course with undulating fairways and some great views with a bunch of really well laid out holes. The rough is long, plentiful,full of other people’s golf balls and not where you want to be on this course.

For the first time golfer here I would recommend careful club selection. The wind can get up quite a bit here and making sure you hit fairways, even if it means sacrificing distance for some accuracy,would be my suggestion.

Front nine

The front nine in my opinion is the easier of the two nines even though the par 4 stroke one 4th falls here. There is much less water than the back nine but don’t let your guard down. Ebotse on her day can be a cruel mistress. My favourite hole would have to be the stroke 1. An Elevated teebox has one looking down onto a dipping fairway with the green elevated once more after your tee shot. A Multi tiered green makes getting a par here a good score. A great view of the housing complex can be seen from this hole and though it is rated as the most difficult on the course, it ticks all my boxes.

Back nine

I have started well at Ebotse, I have turned at halfway in high spirits, I have been 5 up in matchplay games, but the back nine has always had a way of bringing me crashing down to Earth like a Nigerian space program. There is plenty of water and long holes on this nine and thinking golf very important. My favourite hole would have to be the Par 3 11th. A big elevation from tee to green gives a great view of the “wet” driving range and the next two holes. Hitting your ball high into the Benoni sky off the tee box here is my favourite part of the course. Being the more difficult nine in my opinion is no reason to fret,just make sure your wits are about you and you have your thinking golf pants on.


This course will test you, will eat you up and spit you out, will leave you cursing, will end golfing friendships but it will leave a mark in your memory as a really excellent facility and golf course.