Golf, beer and Bles Bridges.

When you wake up to a view like this in Jeffrey’s bay, you know the Gods have smiled upon you and you are in for a rocking day.

Did we pay our bill last night?

When you wake up the very next morning and that is your first question, you know that the day delivered.

I picked the Ginger El Nino up from the airport and after a quick stopover to play Humewood in Port Elizabeth (Red Alert pictured below), we were off to Jeffrey’s Bay for the evening and then on to St Francis Bay.


I had heard good things about St Francis and the links course there but by the beard of Zeus!!

What a day and what a golf course!

From your own personalised lockers for the day to start and the INCREDIBLY good burgers (they make these things with the tears of angels I’m sure) at the end of the round, it really was one of the best golfing days I have ever had.

We were lucky enough to play with the head pro at the course, Mr Thinus Keller, who was a great host, as well as one of the clubs members and with their help I recorded my first ever back to back birdies.

Which I followed up with back to back birdies at Goose Valley the next round.

**Cue round of light applause**

So anyway, with two tweeters in a row I was scything through the course and taking no prisoners…

Up on the tee after the birdies and now feeling like Jason Day, I lined up my drive and i knew I was going to absolutely smoke it.

S-M-O-K-E  IT!

It seemed like I could make the ball sing like an old age home at a Bles Bridges concert.

I stood over it and smoke the ball I did!

About 150M directly up in the air….

It went straight up and so high that the ball literally came back towards me and ended up in the water about 30M to my left…

Nothing brings you back down to earth like the game of golf!

It hardly mattered though.

The course and the service at St Francis will make you enjoy the round no matter your score, so the shank of all shanks was soon forgotten.

After a few customary beers at the clubhouse, we needed to find our accommodation.

After checking in we walked no further than 15 metres and situated almost directly underneath the backpackers we were staying at, we were greeted with this view:

When one has to work through all these beers it’s not easy remembering if bills were paid so the confusion of the next morning makes sense…

If you are ever in St Francis make sure you visit the St Francis Brewing Co.

It is some of the best craft beer I have had and the little brewpub had a nice vibe.

From what I can piece together,the fish tacos are also very good.

There was also some more golf that happened in between all the beers and St Francis above and here’s how it went:


Humewood, I have been told and I stand under correction,is the only true links course in South Africa. It has a real traditional feel about it and an old school charm you can’t help but like. There was very little wind on the day which is unheard of for Port Elizabeth so that made things far more pleasant.

What I shot :86

Balls Lost:2

Eagles :0



St Francis Links

I can’t say enough about this place,just go and play this course, it is all around world class. It is also the only course I have come across where there have been two greens built for one hole:

You can see the one green on the right on the second one is tucked up on the ridge of the left, really cool.

What I shot :92

Balls Lost:5-7

Eagles :0



Goose Valley

Goose Valley is just outside Plettenberg Bay and Although I played quite nicely I have to say I didn’t love this course. It was in good condition but the layout just wasn’t one that resonated with me. Some courses you like and some you don’t, nothing against it, it just wasn’t for me.

What I shot :85

Balls Lost:0

Eagles :0



Plettenberg Bay Country Club

I was pleasantly surprised by this course, I had heard it was good but it certainly exceeded my expectations. For me it is superior to Goose Valley and if you are in the area and can only play one course I’d say play Plett.

It was in superb condition and is set in a valley between some koppies which makes for some awesome views like the one below.

What I shot :92

Balls Lost:1

Eagles :0



So the garden route leg of The Longest Drive is solidly underway and for the next week or so I will be in Knysna and George.

The next few courses lined up are:




George Golf Club.

I have heard both Simola and Pezula are both breathtaking so I think I am in for a treat!

Until the next post,start planning your trips to St Francis!!

See you on the course!


One thought on “Golf, beer and Bles Bridges.

  1. Hi Stefaan,

    Nice site you have and great reading! Keep posting those pictures, as I am on cold turkey now… Back in Belgium, longing for the sun, which is still a few months away.

    Best regards,
    Your playing partner at Arabella (which was, I’m afraid, my golfing highlight of the year.)

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