Operation Longshot


  • 16.5 sunny rounds of golf.
  • Approximately 60 lost golf balls.
  • Two and a bit awesome weeks.
  • A sock tan that should be illegal.

Kwazulu-Natal,(apart from the hideous sock tan), you were good to me.

But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

So i waved my goodbyes and made my way down the coast to the Eastern Cape along the stretch of highway I have now dubbed…

Operation Longshot

This is the N2 from Port Shepstone to East London.

Operation Longshot is perhaps a bit of a dramatic name but jeepers you need to have your wits about you when travelling this route!

There is cattle using the highway as pedestrian crossings.

There are Datsun bakkies flying past you at mach 1.

There is oncoming traffic playing chicken with you every 30-45 seconds.

It wasn’t an easy drive but thought of this breakfast view at Buccaneers Backpackers in Chintsa kept me going:

After a lengthy 9.5 hours on the road I arrived safely in a very wet Hogsback,Operation Longshot successfully completed.

After a good night’s rest the Eastern Cape’s finest awaited me.

About an hour from Hogsback, was my next stop, Katberg.

Here’s how Katberg and the next few days of golf went…

Katberg Eco Estate

Katberg is up in the mountains somewhere in the Eastern Cape, just past nothingville and a little bit North of Nowhere Town.

It is pretty secluded and quite a drive to get to from East London and PE, but man, what an absolutely stunning course.

It feels like you are playing in an amphitheatre with the mountains as your audience, really special. This pic with the reflection of the Mountains in the water is one of my favourites…

It is however,a tough little cookie.

I struggled to get to grips with the greens and the rough wasn’t very friendly, but with scenery like the above, it hardly matters.

What I shot :90

Balls Lost:3

Eagles :0



East London

East London has hosted some SA opens and it is a pretty tricky course. I had some local knowledge helping me out over the phone and I managed to do pretty well. At one stage I was 2 under par through 6 holes and thought I was Ernie Els the 2nd in the making.

Turns out i’m not (who knew), but I felt I still played pretty well.

I shot 82 and would have gladly taken that before the round started.

Here’s a cool little view of East London from one of the holes:

What I shot :82

Balls Lost:2

Eagles :0



Royal Port Alfred Golf Club

I was lucky enough to be able to play Royal Port Alfred with a huge golf school,( there were 52 players the day I played), called the KGB.

That however, was as lucky as I got all day.

I couldn’t drive, approach, chip or putt.

Besides that though, the rest of my golf game was on song.

I put it down to a bad day at the office and moved swiftly along.

I had to,no one likes to see a grown man cry!

Royal Port Alfred is a lovely course though.

Loads of elevation changes, great scenery like the Pic below, and although I made a complete meal of it, it is nice test of your golf game.

What I shot :98 – That’s right, 98.

Balls Lost: Between 1 and 2000, I lost count.

Eagles :0



Fish River Sun

Fish River reminded me of watching “Days of our lives”.

The drama when you first get into it keeps you going for awhile.

It leaves you little hooks to keep going until the next one.

You keep watching to see if something different is going to happen…

But in the end it’s mostly kind of the same and doesn’t quite cut it.

The course was in good condition,the layout just seemed a bit one dimensional,like you were playing the same hole a few times over just longer or shorter versions.

Granted I have been spoiled for choice over the last little while but it just seemed to lack a certain something.

What I shot :80

Balls Lost: 1

Eagles :0



So that’s the first bit of the Eastern Cape in the bag.

The Next six courses are:


St Francis Links ( Heard amazing things about this course)

Goose Valley

Plettenberg Bay Country Club



That is quite a line up so I am really looking forward to the next week or so!

I also have Michael Veliotes joining me for this leg of the trip, so hopefully I survive the ginger El Nino that is on his way!

Wish me luck…

Until then…

See you on the course!






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  1. Yusssy my china (excuse the pun ) that’s foken awesome.. keep on keeping on.. 2 short of your hundie there!!

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