The bunny chow dash


Nine rounds of golf in nine days to start, it won’t be that bad I said.

“It’s just a bit of golf, it will be a walk in the park”, I told myself.

Truth be told it wasn’t all that bad. There was a stiff back and some sore glutes from playing some KZN’s finest, most of which have you scaling near vertical cliffs at certain points. Look, I’m not the peak of human physical performance, but I thought it would be a little easier on the old chassis than it turned out to be. So after day nine on the bounce, a break in play came at the right time,a day to shut down the engines for a bit is exactly what I needed.

I also needed a curry.

Roti Boyz, pictured above, wasn’t far from where I was staying in the Bluff and I got myself a mutton bunny chow at dusk and went down to the beach to munch.

The first thing I noticed was that there were actually whole chillies in the bunny chow. Not thinking too much of it besides “JEEZLIKE this thing is hot”! I finished the chow and went on my way. The bunny chow however went its own way, as you will see.

Next up was Umdoni Park, the morning after the bunny chow.

After the 4th hole I knew I was up the creek without a paddle.

Luckily I had a cart.

Said cart had now become a go kart because I was zooming around that course like Lewis Hamilton himself.

Between the speedy turns and rather bumpy ride back to the clubhouse, that cart won’t be the same.

All’s well that ends well however and I continued merrily along after what was a rather close call.

Lesson learned.

So on to the golf.

Okay and dire is how I can explain these four rounds. Umdoni and Kloof weren’t too bad but Umkomaas and Selborne cut me down to size. It felt like I was swinging an overweight cat instead of a golf club and I was hooking more balls than Hillbrow’s finest.

Even with the average golf, I had a good time, here are the breakdowns:

Umdoni Park

Umdoni is a little gem in Pennington. Some of the views like the one above are just pure class. Umdoni reminds me of a naughty younger brother. A little bit rough and ready, but man he sure is fun to be around…

The front nine has sea views from just about every hole and even the putting green overlooks the sea! The back nine takes you through the coastal forest and away from the sea but the contrast of the two is what makes this such an enjoyable course to play. In terms of sheer fun to play, Umdoni is right at the top of my list.

What I shot :86

Balls Lost:1

Eagles :0



Cost: R140 (Play More Golf)


If Umdoni Park is the naughty younger brother then Kloof is the overachiever in the family. Prim and proper, does everything to an above average standard and doesn’t leave anything out of place. It isn’t the fanciest of layouts and won’t blow you away with sheer good looks, but with a cricket oval slap bang in the middle of the course it makes for an interesting round.

What I shot :87

Balls Lost:3

Eagles :0



Cost: R270 (Play More Golf)


A tale of two nines is what you will find at Umkomaas.

The first nine holes are pretty middle of the road and won’t blow your hair back.The back nine has some awesome views like the one above which makes up for the, dare I say it,”blandness” of the front nine. It is a cheap and cheerful course, only costing R110 on play more golf, and at that price is pretty good value for money. It was a bit dry and could do with some rain but it was pleasant enough to play.

What I shot :95

Balls Lost:2

Eagles :0



Cost: R110 (Play More Golf)


Jeepers this course put me right in my place. I made it a lot more difficult than it should have been but this place punishes you properly if you are off of your game. It is pretty tight on most of the holes and I just couldn’t get off the tee. It wasn’t the easiest course to walk so I’ll blame my astoundingly bad golf on that. It definitely wasn’t the beers or vodka Danny, Kyle and myself got stuck into the night before 😉

The course is in great condition and on Play More Golf it was a bargain for a track like that.

What I shot :96

Balls Lost:Roughly 10-12

Eagles :0

Birdies:1 (The 18th)


Cost: R180 (Play More Golf)

So after the break there is another 7 in a row, the four from above and then San Lameer, Southbroom and Wild Coast. I have heard good whispers about all three so i’m excited to get out and give them a go.

Until then, make your bunny chow choices wisely!

See you on the course!




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