The Idea

As the saying goes – “Change is as good as holiday”. So why not mould the two, strike while the iron is hot, make a change and take a holiday, a long one? This is what I thought to myself a few months ago when the idea for my trip was but yet an embryo.

The thought of quitting my job and essentially living out of my car for a few months terrified me, but was also deeply exciting. When an opportunity like this comes along, which in my view, isn’t very often in our adult lives, it needs to be grabbed by the horns and ridden like the kicking bucking bronco that it is. So with that seed planted months ago, it has now blossomed into what for me is a trip of a lifetime.

I love South Africa, I LOVE IT. I have done my fair share of K’s around SA and every time it has left me longing for more, no matter how much you see it’s never enough, this country never ceases to amaze me. I didn’t even think twice about where I wanted to go when I decided I wanted to do some travelling, I wanted to travel around my country. It did help that the golf bug bit me harder than most and we have some of the most visually stunning golf courses on earth. So, travelling SA and playing as many golf courses as is humanly possible while I’m away seemed like the logical thing to do.

The longest drive begins.Bags packed, car Serviced, tyres checked, golf clubs in tow, video camera at the ready…. From tee off on the fairways of the Drakensberg to the Cable Car up Table Mountain, from the Beauty of the Wild Coast to the bunkers of the Garden Route, from the greens of Bloemfontein to the fairies at Hogsback. I don’t know whether I’ll land in the rough or next to the flag when it’s all said and done. But I do know it’s going to be one hell of a ride.