The Longest Countdown



It’s the last week before I set out on the Longest Drive, six days until I head down the N3 to tear up some 40 odd courses over a few months. It’s been ages in the making now it’s nearly here and it’s a pretty awesome feeling to say the least.

When the idea of my trip first spawned, I didn’t have many thoughts, besides:

1) Golf

2) A bed

3) Food

4) The occasional beer

5) What I need to do to meet Jacques Kallis.

The Idea of an accompanying website, a combo of golf course reviews and a travel blog, came about a bit later. It also came with a bit more work than I anticipated, but it has been something I’ve really enjoyed so far. Turns out designing a logo, getting a domain name, actually writing decipherable posts and making sure that a website looks half decent, isn’t a walk in the park, but it’s getting there. Writing for an audience is tougher than I expected and I take my hat off to guys who can churn out content, that s*&t ain’t easy.

So indeed it is the longest countdown but there’s the small hurdle of my last week of work to get over first. However when I think of caning a 3 iron down a fairway at Champagne Sports or sipping on a sunset G&T with the sound of the waves crashing at the coast, I think somehow I can negotiate these 5 days easily enough.

The experience of walking into work this morning and realising that the last week of work is upon me produced a kind of mish mash of overwhelming excitement interspersed with bouts of sheer terror.

Sort of like:

“Man this is going to be such an awesome trip, so keen!”

Then 20-30 Seconds later:

“You are leaving your job to go and play golf for a few months??You aren’t Bill gates buddy, are you insane?!?”

I like to call this the Pre Trip Rollercoaster. From the looks of things it’s going to be quite a ride.

But enough about work, here’s how the first bit of the trip is looking.

The first two weeks are pretty much booked and planned. I start off in the Drakensberg then head down to Ballito. After that it’s about a week playing Durban’s finest, then down to grace the courses of the KZN South Coast. I am looking forward to playing Durban Country Club and Wild Coast Sun out of all the courses, I have heard so many cool things about those two.

As far as non golfing activities go, I have been doing my research on some of Durban’s finest curries and plan to do a video on attempting to eat the hottest curry I can find in and around the city. I’m guessing I will end up looking something like this:

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can best do damage to my colon, please feel free to let me know.. In fact, feel free to comment and start a conversation with me on anything to do with The Longest Drive. Comment here, on Facebook and Instagram, or drop me a mail. I’d love to hear from you.

So the longest countdown begins, T-Minus 6 days. Can’t wait to share this trip with all you beautiful people (and Michael Veliotes).

See you on the Course!

8 thoughts on “The Longest Countdown

  1. Almost time for you to set out on your new adventure . After watching you plan so hard for this and the excitement everyday as you speak about this journey I know this is going to be a life changing experience for you. Not everyone can say they had this opportunity to leave the “real world” and peruse a passion that your soul has been longing to do . That being said you know what you want in life and from life and when the craving to hear that driver hit the golf ball as you take your best swing calls you , you got to grab it by the golf cart and ride it !!!!And sure a lot of people thing this is a crazy idea and then there are people who envy you but no matter what anyone thinks the fact that you are able to peruse your passion is all one needs in their life .May all your travels be safe and may all you expectations be met . Oh and lastly when you are sitting at the clubhouse after a long day of playing golf and you sipping on that G & T , think of us City folk who wish we could be as lucky as you . Take care and all the best Roodtjie!! love you always

  2. Great job on the site.

    Make sure you meet Kallis when I am there. Maybe entice him with a round at Simola.

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