The Longest Meltdown


This picture sums up my face at Pezula, you will see why in a bit…

After recovering from the antics at St Francis (you can check out the post here), it was on to the Garden Route gem that is Knysna for myself and the Ginger El Nino.

The trip had gone off without a hitch thus far, all my bookings had gone as planned and I was basking in my superb organisational skills.

It was almost going too well.

Cue grumpy face!

For some reason there was a mix up with our booking (Through no fault of the golf club) and I had a “slight” meltdown in the Pro Shop.

There was a raised voice.

There was frantic hand waving.

There was also a liitttllleee bit of finger pointing.

So much so that I had to stick my tail between my legs and apologize to the gentleman in the pro shop at halfway.

Not my finest moment I’ll admit…

Anyway,after calming down to a panic,we got on to the golf course.

And proceeded to tee off from the wrong hole.

We were meant to play from the 10th tee but in our wisdom went off of the 1st.

I thought it a bit strange there was no one around us with a full field that morning, but maybe we got lucky and we were the first golfers out?


We were “those guys” that went off the wrong tee and delayed the whole field when we turned for our 2nd nine.

Karma right?

Not yet!

Admiring my tee shot and prancing off on the 12th hole,I managed to leave my camera and “The Longest Drive” signboard behind exactly in this spot:

And only realized halfway through the next hole that they were still way up on the hill.

But that looks like a LONG way down Stefan?

Yes it sure is.

Ensue more panic and frantic handwaving.

I had to hurtle all the way back up the hill, past some bemused looking golfers playing behind us, and fetch the camera and sign, further holding up the field.

Now that my friends, is karma!

But you dust yourself off and carry on and you keep playing golf!

And here’s how the rest of the golf turned out…


Ahhh, Mr Jack Nicklaus has designed a gem at Simola. With the 3-4 million bunkers you definitely know it is a Nicklaus course and it sure is a pretty little thing…

I made it a much tougher course than it should have been and definitely didn’t have my best day out.

But golf isn’t easy and I’m no pro so no sweat right?

We are so spoiled for choice in South Africa when it comes to magnificent golf courses and Simola is no exception, it is a peach.

What I shot :94

Balls Lost:3

Eagles :0




A tale of two nines (And the meltdown).

The front nine has you winding through some natural forests with views of the Knysna lagoon:

And the back nine has you hugging the coastal cliffs:

Those views need no more words…

What I shot :86

Balls Lost:2

Eagles :0




Crikey I thought my golf at Simola was bad!

Kingswood is a really,really,really tough test of golf.

Greens quicker than a souped up Uno in Brakpan, bunkers deeper than the Bee gees love, and rough that would scare Bear Grylls,make it pretty difficult.

I didn’t feel I was playing all that badly actually but I got seriously punished here.

Kingswood definitely chewed me up and spat me out!

What I shot :98

Balls Lost:8-12ish

Eagles :0




After dropping the Ginger El Nino off and taking the night to recover from the hurricane that it was, it was on to George Golf Club.

I was lucky enough to play the day after the Dimension Data ladies Pro-Am event so the course was in sublime condition.

I played a little game of matchplay against an American guy named Jeff and our Presidents cup went down to the last hole.

And I was pipped at the post.

My BMT skills need some work…

George is a superb course and I loved it.

What I shot :87

Balls Lost:1

Eagles :0



Soooooooo….. Which courses are next you ask?

Well I am lucky enough to have a spot on the one, the only, FANCOURT LINKS!

Excited doesn’t begin to describe it…

Rated the number 1 course in the country and the number 43 course on the planet, this is going to be a treat.

The whole week is actually a treat and the order goes a little something like this….

Fancourt – Outeniqua

Fancourt – Montagu

The Links at Fancourt

Pinnacle Point

Mossel Bay



Seven days of exquisite golf courses on the bounce, not too shabby at all!

So until the next post which will be written with my Fancourt Links afterglow….

See you on the course!


2 thoughts on “The Longest Meltdown

  1. Enjoyed reading about your travails on the golf course – I too have the T-shirt, except for the meltdown in the Pro-shop.

  2. You go through golf courses like I go through emails and spreadsheets!
    I too prefer golf courses.
    Enjoy the Fancourt feast!

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