The sweet smell of the ocean!

Day 3 in the bag, done and dusted.The Longest Drive rests for no course!

Victoria Country Club and Umhlali Country Club were the next two ladies in line for a shave on my trip. Both are really nice courses but for me Umhlali was my pick of the two. It was the round I have enjoyed most so far, great layout, awesome scenery and just a really lekker day out.

I have however, come to realize one or two things about myself on a golf course:

1)I attract lawnmowers.

If you want your lawn mowed, give me a shout. Within 2-3 minutes of me arriving there will be a green John Deere mower ploughing through your grass, no questions asked. Much like with me and mosquitoes, I just seem to attract every lawn mower within a 5 kilometre radius. Without fail.

2)I am rather forgetful at times.

On the 13th hole at Umhlali I was snapping some pics with my phone as I had left my camera at the backpackers. I put my phone down next to me on the tee box and proceeded to pull my tee shot into the water on the left. I then rather grumpily continued along after the aforementioned not so great tee shot. Two holes later the fourball that was behind me asked me if I had lost my phone, which I now realized, I had. That would have been a colossal disaster but luckily all is well that ends well.

But back to the courses, and my golf.

Victoria is on the outskirts on Pietermaritzburg and has a great Country Club vibe to it. The course was in good nick for the most part, a few dry fairways here or there, but nothing to cause too much drama. I had a chip in birdie which gave me flashes of seeing myself on the sunshine tour. Then the very next hole I hit two tee shots into the water so maybe I’m not quite Ernie just yet.

The golf – Victoria Country Club

What I shot :90

Balls Lost:3

Eagles :0



Green fee: R200 (Booked through Play More Golf).

The golf was better than Champagne Sports but not by too much. Hey, it’s an improvement and I’ll take that.

I stayed the night in Pietermaritzburg with an old mate from Benoni, Danny. What a champ.

I do have one gripe though…

Danny forgot to mention to me that The Hansa draughts in his town are laced with alcohol, after number 303 I could barely talk. The Hansa back home in Benoni isn’t nearly as naughty as the Hansa in Pietermaritzburg, be warned!I had such a lekker evening though, Thanks Dan and Kyle!

Next was on to Umhlali Country club in Ballito.

You just can’t beat that ocean breeze….

The golf – Umhlali Country Club

I followed the instructions on the board (The Pic on top of the post). I didn’t try to hit my shot over the housing estate but I very nearly hit it into the estate anyway, a friendly tree saved my embarrassment and another lost ball.

What I shot :89

Balls Lost:3

Eagles :0



Green fee: R200 (Booked through Play More Golf).

The golf seems to be getting there slowly, better ball striking, better decision making. Again, it looks like I’m trending in the right direction score wise, so I’ll take that.

I really,really,really enjoyed the golf at Umhlali, the vibe was cool, the pro shop was very helpful and as I have said before, the course itself is just great. I would be back at Umhlali in a heartbeat, it is wonderful course.

While I am in Ballito I am staying at a place called Airport backpackers. If you are ever in the area and need accommodation this is the place to be. The owner Leo is super helpful and it is the perfect set up for a backpackers. Free Wi-Fi, free tea and coffee, what a pleasure.

Next stop is Zimbali and then Princes Grant the day after that. They are both rated highly so should be cool!

Until then…

See you on the course!

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